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After years of running huge marketing campaigns for the big guys here at Assured Marketing we decided it was time to help the little guys by making the best digital marketing services available for every business!

More Than Just A Digital Marketing Agency

Our vision from the beginning has been to help repair so many of the businesses that have been damaged by the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the start of 2020, we were working for digital marketing agencies who concerned themselves only with large businesses and overlooked SME’s, dismissing them as non-profitable.

We observed how larger businesses were handing marketing agencies seemingly blank cheque budgets in order to profit from the Pandemic as our society had to adapt to becoming more digital. Meanwhile, thousands of UK SME were failing and being left behind.

Assured Marketing were established to bridge the gap between SMEs and quality marketing resources. After analysing the industry and other marketing agencies we noticed how overhead heavy it was, which led us as an organisation to use innovative solutions to allow us to offer the same high quality services to small local businesses at a refreshing price. We strive to be seen as the best digital marketing agency in the UK.

No longer should large corporations be the only ones able to use marketing agencies in ways to reach customers but all of the little guys should too!
We deem it a privilege to be able to help those who can truly feel the benefit of it.

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3 Key Areas


Assured Marketing can offer your business comprehensive digital solutions that are refreshingly priced. As aforementioned, we are taking the knowledge and experience gained working with the UK’s largest companies and offering this to small businesses.

Through a personalised digital marketing strategy, we will get your business in front of all of the people who matter. Whether it’s helping you with running your own successful ad campaigns, optimising and enhancing your social media presence or optimising your website alongside your Google presence.

Our team will be committed to your business and its success as if it were their own.



Using a range of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics including; Keyword Optimisation and Backlink Generation and Speed Optimisation we will improve your online presence and reputation across search engines such as Google and Bing.



We will encapture your brand and use it to help you to attract your ‘perfect customer’ with proven social media marketing strategies, helping you not only improve your organic reach and engagement but to target the people that really matter.



We will work with you to capture your brand identity and work alongside your team to create the perfect website which suits the needs of your customers/clients. With over 30 years of front end website design & maintenance experience our team can assure you that your website will be precisely what you envisioned.

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