Assured Marketing: Our Services

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Social Media Management

We will encapture your brand and use it to help you to attract your ‘perfect customer’ with proven social media marketing strategies, helping you not only improve your organic reach and engagement but to target the people that really matter.

Website Design & Optimisation

We will work with you to capture your brand identity and work alongside your team to create the perfect website which suits the needs of your customers/clients. With over 30 years of front end website design & maintenance experience our team can assure you that your website will be precisely what you envisioned..

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Using a range of SEO tactics including; Keyword Optimisation and Backlink Generation we will improve your online presence and reputation across search engines such as Google and Bing.

Paid Social Media Advertising

We will manage your social media advertising campaigns to reach the right people and ensure your advertising budget is spent as efficiently as possible.

Video Content Creation & Editing

We will work closely with you to help film, design and edit a video demonstrating your dedication to your industry for use either on your website, social media or as part of an advertising campaign.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultation

Using our groups 35+ years of digital marketing experience we will work with you and your team in a consultancy type role. Working on in house training in the key areas of digital marketing in order to keep your business self sufficient in the long term.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

We will ensure that all paid advertising campaigns across search engines such as Google are running as efficiently as possible. Then manage their journey, maximising reach to all potential customers.

Logo & Graphics Design

We will work closely with you to design graphics for all advertising or internal needs. We also offer bespoke logo designs that both encaptures your ethos and represents your brand.