About Us


Marketing With Ethics

We have a strong culture here at Assured Marketing that every business deserves to have its work showcased to the masses.

We choose not to follow convention in our industry, dismissing small local business as insignificant or non-profitable. But we hope to help nurture the fantastic work that they do and help them grow as far as they want.

No longer should large corporations be the only ones able to use marketing agencies in ways to reach customers but all of the little guys should too! We deem it a privilege to be able to help those who can truly feel the benefit of it.

Our simple question to all small business owners is simple; Need Some Help with That?

Meet The Team

Connor Hewson

Co-Founder and Director Connor Hewson is an experienced operations manager and driven sales and marketing professional. Working in sales for FTSE 100 companies such as British Telecoms. He has also worked in Social Media Marketing for a number of small businesses locally and has also previously managed effective marketing campaigns for businesses in the Private Healthcare Sector. Specialising in Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

Jack Story

Co-Founder and Director Jack Story is an outgoing and motivated marketing professional. He has experience in managing some of the biggest Digital Marketing Campaigns in the UK, from Accurist Watches to Rix Petroleum. He has held several positions with large Digital Marketing agencies in the UK specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as being a proven marketing manager in the e-commerce sector.

Paul Harper

Zedcomms Director Paul Harper is an experienced marketing professional. After years working with print giants Xerox in the U.S.A, he is now a consultant and a SFEDI recognised business mentor. With Zedcomms Paul helps develop business in the UK and some overseas. Working with Zedcomms, Paul has helped develop many SMEs in the North East of the UK.