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One of the fastest strategies when it comes to digital marketing, PPC is able to help generate immediate results when it comes to driving high quality traffic to your website and boost sales.

At Assured Marketing our Paid Digital Media specialists have experience in running proven and effective PPC campaigns regardless of budgets and industry. We pride ourselves on generating the best possible results for all of our clients.


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What Exactly Is PPC & How It Benefits Business?


Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is a digital advertising space, either in Google’s search results pages or in the form of display ads that are shown in places such as YouTube or other websites with display ads.

PPC is one of the most effective ways that you can instantly get your business’ website in front of those people who are searching for your products or services on search engines.

By delivering these warm leads directly onto your website, it can be used to really scale a business efficiently and quickly when done correctly.

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Unlike SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising is a much more instant solution to having your website discovered on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Think of it as the best way to reserve a parking spot at the top of Google’s search pages. This is simply down to the fact that Google will never show organic results before their own ads as a way to encourage more and more people to pay for this advertising space.

What Makes Us The UK’s Number 1 PPC Agency?

Service Levels

Assured Marketing is different to other PPC agencies. Most notably, this is seen in our service levels.

From weekly detailed reporting to consultations that can be booked out of office hours to accommodate for times best for you. Our aim is to always strive to over serve clients and bring additional value to their PPC packages.

Google Partnership

We’re a trusted Google Advertising Partner. Our team of Paid Media specialists have been assessed against the search engines rigorous advertising standards, and granted us the privilege of being considered a partner agency to their platforms advertising space.



Our team has a history of saving business owners large amounts of money on their ad spend, and generating a much better return on investment (ROI) that they were attaining previously.

We also offer PPC management packages that come in at less than the average cost of other UK accredited agencies.

The 2 Areas Of PPC


Search Ads

These are ads that appear at the top of search results for specific keyword search terms on Google and other search engines.

We start by analysing existing campaigns or researching the opportunities for new ones. We can then evaluate the best possible options for the PPC campaign to take and how competitive the market is.

Once the ads are running we then look to monitor their progress and optimise their ongoing metrics to improve their performance. We keep you well updated with weekly reporting and the option for you to book weekly consultation calls with our paid digital media team, where we can discuss all aspects of the PPC campaign.

Display Ads

These are ads that appear before (or during) YouTube videos and that also appear on other people’s websites that have integrated display ads banners on them.

The plan here is to identify which product/service you want to highlight in these ads and how best we can display these to your target audience. It will involve input from our creative graphic designers and video editors to craft the perfect ad creative for the campaign.

We can then use targeting to run the ads effectively and just with the search ads you will receive weekly reports and consultations where progress and KPIs can be outlined.

The Benefits Of PPC

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3/4 Businesses Benefit

74% of business owners have named PPC advertising as their number one driving sales factor!

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50% Better Conversion Rate

PPC campaigns have around a 50% better conversion rate than organic digital marketing methods.

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41% Of All Clicks

According to Google, 41% of all clicks on their platform got to Paid Search Ads


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