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Helping to raise brand awareness amongst your target audience as well as driving sales through your company’s website. Social media advertising is one of the most successful ways that you can demonstrate your ability to your target audience directly through their daily routine.

Utilising well optimised social media advertising campaigns you can discover huge numbers of potential customers and reach them with attention grabbing visuals or fantastic special offers.

Assured Marketing is Derby’s best social media advertising agency, with Facebook accredited Paid Media specialists, on hand 24/7 to plan, create, manage and report on your social media advertising campaigns in real-time.


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How Paid Social Media Advertising Can Scale Your Business

Paid advertising across social media platforms is one of the most common ways that business owners will pursue a larger reach for their organisation amongst a targeted audience. It allows for specific targeting of individuals and can vastly grow an engaged audience for your businesses services or products.

Social media advertising works differently to Google’s PPC Ads in that rather than relying on your ideal customer to be using a search engine to look for your business, it actively targets those people through their devices as they browse a news feed or check their direct messenger inbox.

By establishing the best goals for a campaign and optimising the audience targeting to the best possible degree, social media ads can have a phenomenal effect when it comes to generating new sales, leads or enquiries for any business.

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How We Approach Paid Social Advertising Campaigns

Establishing The Goal Of Your Campaign 

We first work with you to establish the goal of your ad campaigns. This can be what kind of conversions you want or whether you’re looking for a bigger brand audience as opposed to simply sales generation.

Ad Spend Budgeting

Our paid media specialists then work with you and your team to establish an ad spend that you will be happy with, whilst ensuring that it will be successful and effective for your chosen ad goal. This will be assessed against the KPI of your Return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Creative Side

Assured Marketing’s in-house creative team will then set to work on crafting your assets for the ads. These are typically visual and can range from live video, animated video or image based content depending on the needs, goals and audience of the campaign

Live Campaign & Reporting

We then launch your campaign, tracking and analysing its performance. We’ll work to ensure that your audiences remain well optimised and discoverable targeting opportunities are identified. All of this will be relayed back to you in weekly reporting, helping to keep you up to date with your digital progress.

The Benefits Of Paid Social Media Ads

1/3 of Users

Almost ⅓ of internet users discover new products and brands through social media ads

49% More Likely to Purchase

49% of social media users are more likely to buy from brands that they see advertised on social media

Rising Impressions

Social media advertising impressions are up 20% year-on-year

Why We’re Derby’s Best Social Media Advertising Agency


We Generate Great ROAS For Our Clients


Our experience as a social media advertising agency means that we are well equipped into running well optimised and efficient campaigns.

Poorly optimised ads can cost 2x as much to generate the same number of clicks as optimised ones. Therefore having our paid media team handling the complexities means that with us a successful advertising strategy is assured. 

We’re Derby’s Facebook Marketing Partners


Assured Marketing’s paid media team have been assessed, certified and accredited as Facebook Marketing Partners.

Being assessed against criteria set by the social media network themselves means we are able to demonstrate excellent knowledge and ability when it comes to paid Facebook advertising.

We Give Time Back to Business Owners


Monitoring, adjusting and optimising social media advertising campaigns can be both complex and time consuming.

Having our team available 24/7 to help guide you through the process and run campaigns on your behalf allows you and your team to get back to doing the work you love the most.


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