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Targeted social media advertising is becoming one of the most common ways for businesses to explore paid digital media as a means of generating more sales.

Being able to easily showcase their business’ unique selling points (USPs) and have them displayed in front of a targeted audience whilst they go about their daily lives is a revelation when it comes to commercial advertising.

At Assured Marketing we have a litany of experience in running efficient paid social media advertising campaigns that generate a fantastic return on investment (ROI) for our clients, leading to exponential digital growth.


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How Paid Social Media Advertising Works


Contrasting from other forms of Paid Media (such as Google PPC), Paid Social Media advertising targets and displays to users of particular areas, demographics and interests rather than relying on them to be searching for you already.


It’s immensely powerful at increasing brand awareness and when done correctly is able to discover customers that you never knew were there. Having a particular product or service shown to a particular group of people that have similar interests is a perfect way of increasing sales amongst certain audiences, and this is exactly how paid social media advertising is utilised by businesses.

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How We Run Paid Social Media Advertising Campaigns

What We’re Aiming At?

The first thing that needs to be done is to establish the correct goal of your social media advertising campaign. Is it to drive awareness of the brand or are we aiming to send users directly to the website in order to purchase.

Budget Planning

We then work with you and your team to establish what the best budgets are going to be in regard to the ad spend of the campaign. We need to ensure that the campaigns are going to convert at a rate that generates you a good return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Ad Creative

The innovative graphics design and video editing specialists at Assured Marketing will then design and create the perfect creative assets for the advertising campaign. These could be imagery or video, either way we’ll ensure that we use the best possible features to maximise conversions.

Analytics & Reporting

Once your social media advertising campaigns are live, we’ll be sure to keep on top of tracking their performance alongside working to discover additional advertising opportunities that can help to maximise your ROAS. You’ll receive weekly reports from our team and they’re available to speak with 24/7.

The Power Of Paid Social Media Advertising

Almost Half…

Nearly 50% of business owners who have invested in Paid Social Media Advertising say it benefited their business.

Over Half Of Users Want To Buy

54% of social media users are using the platforms to search for new products or services to buy.

Only 4% of Buyers Are Followers

96% of users that buy from brands on social media arrive through ads and do not follow the page organically.

What Makes Us The UK’s Best Social Media Advertising Agency


We Deliver Considerable ROAS For Our Clients


The paid digital media team at Assured Marketing are big on making your business money. We can work within any ad spend budget to ensure that the campaigns are bringing you a larger amount of money than you originally invest.

Given that social media ads that are poorly targeted can end up costing more than they bring in, having us optimise these ads will make all of the difference to the campaigns success.

We’re A Trusted Facebook Marketing Partner


We’ve been accredited by Facebook themselves as a trusted advertising agency on their platform. We have proven to them our experience and knowledge alongside being assessed against their advertising standards to assure you of our capability when it comes to running your social media advertising campaigns.

Our Service Levels


We strive to deliver the best possible service to each of our clients. This includes reporting to them weekly with detail on the progress of their social media advertising campaigns. We also ensure that members of the team are available outside of office hours, so that you can focus on what you do best and book consultations at times that are best for you.


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