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Social Media is now a part of most people’s everyday lives. It’s no secret that we find ourselves scrolling aimlessly through a news feed in the hope of discovering something that peaks our interest.

That’s why utilising social media as a marketing platform for your business can be one of the most effective ways to discover new customers and really take the awareness of your business to the next level, as people follow, share and engage with you more and more.

Over two thirds of the UK’s population is active on at least one of the different social media platforms. Never before has this level of advertising been so accessible and cost-effective for business owners. But what is crucial, is that a social media marketing campaign is carried out effectively and with the best aim in mind to generate great results.


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The Power Of Social Media Marketing

People in the UK spend around 2 hours per day on social media, which gives businesses a large amount of time to expose them to new products, services and ideas through organic social media advertising. 

In previous times, it was common practice for business owners to have to spend vast sums of money on TV or Radio advertising, with only a small amount of data to judge their success on. But – with social media it’s something entirely different. Not only can you track key metrics and performance of posts in real-time, but it’s free! 

Essentially, if you can develop a strategy and brand message that works you can build a well established brand and drive traffic to your website on the back of these platforms. 


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Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Assured Marketing is full of brilliant social media experts, who are always well informed on the latest best practices and industry standards of social media marketing. We have the experience to deliver proven and effective social media marketing campaigns to businesses that can truly make a difference to their overall performance.

Through creating, managing and sharing content that is tailored to your audience with all of the best possible call to actions implemented, we can successfully build an audience that is engaged with your brand and will organically raise awareness of your business. 

We work thoughtfully with each and every one of our social media marketing clients to ensure that the goals perfectly align with your vision for the business’ social media strategy.

Why Work With Assured Marketing?

Our expert social media team is ready to take your business to the next level, but what exactly sets us apart from the other agencies in our industry?

No Contracts & Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

 We won’t ask you to commit to retainer contracts for your social media marketing. We trust in our service levels and the success of our work to ensure you remain an Assured Marketing client. Not only this, but we have a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee – meaning if there is anything that you feel needs changing, this will be worked toward immediately.


The Best Value For Your Money

At Assured Marketing we’re on the side of business! We want to enable all levels of organisations – from startups to enterprises – to have access to full service social media marketing campaigns. Our packages start at prices that are below the UK average cost for organic social media marketing, as we are striving to make the sector of outsourced marketing much more accessible.


Service Levels & Reporting

Our service levels are unrivalled in the marketing industry. Not only do we commit to weekly reporting over monthly, but we ensure that our team is contactable outside of office hours. Because we want you to be able to focus on what it is that you do best so with us you can book consultation calls or respond to emails at times that suit you


The 4 Platforms Of Focus


The way in which Facebook’s news feed works is to push content higher depending on the amount of engagement that it is generating early on. This means that for success on the platform, we need to create an audience that is listening and more so are reacting well to the optimised content that is being produced.


Whilst synonymous with influencers, Instagram is also a great place for those businesses with great visual content to share it with an engaged audience. Our approach here is to find the interests, hashtags and competitors that your target audience follow and then to produce content that will get you in front of them.


A more news based platform, where people can stay updated with what’s going on near them, as well as being able to easily engage with leading figures publicly. Our approach to Twitter is that we use it to keep your loyal followers updated with the work that the business is doing and to ensure your brand presence is as an industry leader for your sector.


The platform of business. From recruiting to generating B2B leads that help scale your business LinkedIn is essentially known as the Facebook of executives. The strategy here is to establish a strong brand presence on the platform and for us to build a virtual network just as you will have organically in your business life. 


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