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Nowadays, most business owners that value the importance of digital growth have encountered the term SEO in the past. It’s primary function serves to really elevate your business in regard to brand awareness and online sales. This is achieved by optimising your website in ways to assure that it is being seen by potential customers who are using search engines to find businesses just like yours!

Regardless of how well-designed your website is or how prepossessing your branding is, if in reality those using Google to find the products/services that you offer are not finding your business before your competitors they are much more likely to use your competitor.

At Assured Marketing our expert SEO team is able to advance your website whether it is already brilliant or is in need of a little TLC and ensure that it is driving high volumes of quality traffic and working as one of your number one sales tools for the business.


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Does Every Business Need SEO?

Every business, no matter their niche, can benefit immensely from SEO. From really driving a greater reach for their brand, to boosting sales/enquiries – the magnitude at which you can really scale your business through this strategy is staggering.

If you have a target audience in mind, then an SEO campaign is certainly the best digital method for positioning your business in front of them organically.

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Unlike Paid Advertising, SEO offers a more organic and longer lasting solution to digital marketing. The main two benefits which SEO has over Paid Advertising are that SEO can be much more cost-effective, especially on lower budgets and that the effects will not stop the moment you halt the campaign (Unlike PPC). The budgeting of SEO is also much more stable in comparison to PPC which often requires flexible and reactive budgeting, and results will not disappear overnight in the same way that pausing an ad campaign will halt momentum.

However, if you are unsure which would benefit your business best, get in touch and our experts will be happy to advise you on the best step for your business.

The Assured Marketing Approach To SEO

SEO is one of our specialist subjects here at Assured Marketing. Our in-house SEO professionals have worked on a multitude of different campaigns achieving some of the best possible results for our clients. They appreciate the immense importance of being well informed of the latest trends and best practices to make sure that we keep our clients ahead of their competitors at all times!

Our SEO Performance Audits

The first place that we start with an SEO campaign is by auditing all of the different metrics that can affect a website’s overall performance in search results. These range from speed and responsiveness, to on-page content and keyword density as well as back-end and off-page factors such as; meta-data and the site’s backlink profile.

Then we do the same for your competitors! This allows us to see where you’re at in comparison and we can highlight opportunities or spot things your competitors are doing that could greatly benefit your campaign.

The Goal Of Your SEO Campaign

Using our findings from the audit we can then establish what we will need to do in order to have the campaign reach the goals that are best. These will ultimately depend on the nature of your business and what it does. Below are some of the more common areas that we would focus on for various businesses;

Local SEO

Typically for businesses that have a limited service or sales area and are looking to really dominate in their local market! Not every business can retail or serve the entire UK (or the globe for that matter) but in the case of local SEO campaigns, we can help ensure that a business generates as much possible commerce from their local markets!

Broad Reaching SEO

This can be for both national and global reach, more suited to businesses that are aiming to really drive high quality traffic from all geographical areas to their site and are able to fulfill their services to customers regardless of their location. The true goal here is to help you stand above both local and national competitors in order to generate higher levels of overall custom.

E-Commerce SEO

For any business that is retailing products online then there is a slightly different approach to the SEO that we provide. The campaign needs to be matched to your sales areas and the on-page focus will be more specifically aimed at the product pages of the website.

Unsure if you fit these 3 areas?

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What Makes Us The UK’s Best SEO Agency?

Our Service Levels

Assured Marketing doesn’t work in the same ways as other SEO agencies! From having out of office hours availability for you to reach out to our team at the times that are most convenient to you, to offering weekly reporting rather than monthly to keep you well updated and in the loop with all of your campaigns progress.

Refreshing Prices

Our ethos is to provide services that are accessible by all businesses, not just larger enterprises! Our SEO campaigns (whilst tailored to each client) will almost always be priced well below the average monthly cost. We won’t sacrifice quality at all either! Our aim of creating a more accessible market for outsourced marketing is what drives us to keep our budgets efficient.

No Contracts & Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Retainer contracts are common with full-service SEO agencies, but not with Assured Marketing. Our campaigns have full flexibility and there is no obligation for clients to fulfill 3, 6 or 12 month contracts for our services. This is accompanied by our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, in which if you feel dissatisfied with our services at any stage (though we’re confident you won’t) we aim to have any issues resolved immediately, so as to keep attaining great results for your business.

Existing SEO Client Results!

Here are some results achieved for an existing Assured Marketing SEO client for Month 1 vs Month 5. We also have case studies available on request for SEO clients to help assure you of the quality which we can deliver.


Increase In Total Search Clicks


Increase In Organic Impressions


Increase In Click-Through-Rate (CTR)


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