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When searching for a product service or local business, the go to place a consumer will turn nowadays is to Google. An online directory with a wealth of information, products and articles. Google wants their users to be able to easily find what they’re looking for and will ensure that the best optimised and most trusted websites before others.

That’s why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become one of the most important marketing tactics for not only businesses in Newcastle but businesses across the globe. Whilst your business may have a professional and slick looking website, it won’t be of any use as a sales channel if it is not being seen by your target audience when they turn to search engines for your products/services, see it as having a Ferrari with no fuel.

At Assured Marketing our dedicated and experienced SEO experts stay well informed with the best practices and Google updates to assure our clients that their websites are able to solidify a strong position on Google’s Search Rankings and outshine their competition in the eyes of their customers!


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SEO Newcastle Breakdown

Local SEO Newcastle

With Newcastle having over 8,000 active trading businesses, having a Local SEO as part of your marketing strategy is crucial to maximising your online potential. With such a large number of businesses competing for a space on local Search Results, business owners in Newcastle upon Tyne can very quickly be able to dominate the local market in their industry by outranking their competitors for local search terms.

Insights from Google themselves in recent years have seen that since 2018 there has been a 900% increase in the amount of location-based ‘near me’ searches. This is when someone will perhaps be looking for a local company, shop or product and Google will use their location alongside its own ranking factors to display businesses that it sees to be most relevant for the user.

If a business’ website does not have a local SEO strategy, then chances are you will be missing out on the thousands of ‘near me’ searches being made in Newcastle each day by potential customers.

Three quarters of people will not scroll past the first page of results on search engines, demonstrating why it is important to have your website correctly optimised for local search.

On-Page SEO Newcastle

On-page SEO focuses on taking each of your web pages and optimising them individually with the end goal of increasing traffic to the page by ranking higher in search results. In order to ensure that your page is as relevant as it can be to your audience’s search and the keywords that they use, on-page SEO typically entails optimising content and HTML source codes utilising targeted keyword placement and techniques such as location based content.

Off-Page & Technical SEO Newcastle

The term “off-page SEO” describes techniques like link building and backlinking. This enables us to enhance the relationships and connections your website has with other websites. These websites are essentially telling Google that they trust you, therefore enhancing your websites authority score and the overall reputation of your website.

Other more complicated tasks come under the term of ‘Technical SEO’. Optimising your website’s functions, such as the backend structure, speed, mobile friendliness, indexing, security, etc works by enhancing the user’s experience, helping to increase traffic, readability, and user engagement and ultimately your ranking in search.

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Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a method of digital marketing which will serve to promote and enhance the visibility of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Organic search is typically the method of digital marketing that SEO refers to, with PPC or Pay-Per-Click often being used to refer to the paid side of search engine marketing. Both of these techniques utilise your website, so having a website which has a aesthetic design and is built with conversions in mind will provide you a much stronger basis for success.

With so much information, media, and resources at users’ fingertips every day, brands must be more effective with their websites and how they are presented as well as the content on them in order to truly produce results. The use of search engine optimisation (SEO) works to raise your domain authority and the quality of the content you provide visitors, which in-turn raises your Google ranks and brings more traffic to your website.

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Award-Winning SEO Agency Newcastle

Our team has over a decade of marketing experience for a range of different businesses from international video production agencies to local cottages. Our experience is what makes us the best at creating SEO strategies that help businesses in Newcastle like yours get more leads through Google and other search engines!

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

We have awards for the great SEO projects and work we have provided our clients, most recently we won a silver award at the UK Search Awards for the ‘Best Low Budget SEO Campaign’ 

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Assured Marketing’s Approach To SEO

Our driven and committed search engine optimisation experts appreciate the phenomenal effect which high quality SEO has for our clients, and we as a business understand that it is the sole way to ensure results are long lasting. Think of SEO as your very own reserved seat at the table on the front page of Search Results that your customers will be using to find you.


Our search engine optimisation specialists continuously strive to stay up to date with all of the latest industry trends and changes within SEO. Through this knowledge and ability we assure every client that their SEO campaign will be strong and effective, helping them to command a digital monopoly over their industry.


A key factor which sets us apart from all of the other SEO agencies in Newcastle is that we also acknowledge the importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in that whilst we will bring more and more traffic to the website. We will also ensure that your digital sales journey is as streamlined as possible – pushing these new potential customers to commit to your business

Why We’re Newcastle’s Best SEO Agency!

Our SEO professionals have a proven track record of providing the most effective SEO campaigns to a number of clients. As a nationwide marketing agency we have experience in working with both SMEs and Enterprise clients and are adaptable when it comes to both budget and services.

Despite 80% of small business owners realising the need for SEO, less than 50% feel that they have the expertise, time or budget to really make an impact using this marketing tactic. At Assured Marketing, our SEO team are there to solve all three of these above mentioned concerns.


Assured Marketing’s experience, support and guidance will help further not only your website, but also your knowledge of how SEO works and what the best practices are.


As an agency our primary goal is to give back time to business owners who want to concentrate more on the work they do than the acquisition of new customers.


Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t commit people to contracts nor do we have astronomically high starting prices. We will always strive to stay within your preferred budget and develop a strategy that can make a big difference to your business.

The Power of SEO Newcastle


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93% of People Use Organic Search to Find A Product or Service
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76% of People Will Visit/Interact With A Business They Found Through Organic Search Within 1 Day
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92% of People Will Choose A Business They Found On The First Page of Search Results


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Search Engine Optimisation FAQs

What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is the optimisation of a website for search engines such as Google. This can include a whole range of areas from using keywords and optimised content to increasing a websites speed and implementing schema and meta data to increase the quality and quantity of traffic.

Do I need SEO?

In black and white, Yes. Everyone can benefit from SEO and does need it, however that doesn’t mean that it is the most beneficial thing for you or even your website at this time. Get in touch today, and we can provide a free SEO Audit and consultation to help you understand whether SEO is right for you at the moment.

How much does SEO cost?

Our Search Engine Optimisation essential support package starts at £280 per month. In the UK, SEO Agencies typically charge between £1200 – £9000 per month. Making Assured Marketing one of the best value marketing agencies in the UK

Why is SEO important?

Search Engine Optimisation is what takes your website from being a page you give people to a page people find. Good SEO means that you rank high on Google for things people search that are relevant for your business.

What are keywords?

Keywords or Key Phrases are the terms or words that your customers or clients are searching for on Google. By adding these to your site you are more likely to appear as a result.

Why can't I find my website on Google?

If you can’t find your website it probably means that you need SEO. SEO means your site is optimised for Google and other search engines to help your site rank higher.

How long does SEO take?

On average SEO takes 4-6 months before you start seeing notable differences however in our experience this is usually much quicker, and it can depend on things such as how much SEO work is being done, how competitive your industry is and how much SEO you have had previously.

What is on-page SEO?

On page SEO is things like content, images and other things which can be seen easily when looking at your website.

What is Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is everything that isn’t visible on your page. This includes link building, meta data, page speed optimisation and more.

Should I buy links?

Backlinks can massively help your website, and it is true that you can buy them from some people, sometimes 100’s at a time. However, Google doesn’t like purchased links and they are usually pretty bad quality links, it is much better to gain links naturally which we can help with.

How do I have to pay for SEO and am I locked in to monthly terms?

We are so confident in our service that all of our SEO packages are rolling contracts (Unless you request otherwise) meaning that you aren’t locked in to any mothly commitments, you just pay for the month at the beginning of the month, and you can leave whenever you want, but we are sure you won’t!

Do you write content?

One of the many ways we improve your websites SEO is by writing or improving content on your website. Content such as landing pages and blogs are usually included in monthly packages however they can be requested as one off services too!

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