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Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, generate leads or sell a product, PPC is one of the most effective ways of achieving results in a short amount of time.

Our experts can advise on and generate winning campaigns across all platforms including search, display, video and remarketing adverts.


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What Is PPC?

PPC is the best way to immediately start appearing at the top of Google Search Results, unlike Search Engine optimisation (SEO) which can take an average 4-6 months to start having an impact.

A Paid Ad campaign will immediately start showing your business to the right people who are already searching for you or your competitors, meaning the quality of leads that they generate can be much higher than normal website traffic.

Whatever your business does, if you’re looking for an immediate boost to your Google rankings then PPC is the only real option available.

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What Makes Us One Of The Best PPC Agencies?

Cost-Effective Results

As a top PPC agency our campaigns are designed and tailored towards each client to ensure that it generates the leads that are worth the most to them.

Working within your budget we will do what it takes to not only get you in front of customers, but ensure that the people your ad campaigns reach are the people actively looking for your services. We work with your budget to maximise the effectiveness of your ad spend by using data & analytics to enhance the best performing areas and keep your cost per acquisition low!

We Make PPC Stress Free For Businesses

We have the know-how and the experience of managing hugely successful ad campaigns, and our expert team are dedicated to you 24/7 in running the most profitable PPC campaigns.

We take the stress away from the business owner and allow them to focus on what really matters, by delivering hot leads directly to your website for you!

We’re A Trusted Google Partner

At Assured Marketing we’re proud to be recognised as a Google Advertising Partner. Our expert team are certified in Google AdWords and have been assessed against Google’s own performance standards. We can take this expertise, knowledge and ability & use it to assure you of a successful digital advertising journey.

Weekly Reporting

We understand that Paid Ad Campaigns can be a big investment for a small business. So we are 100% committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. When we’re managing your ad campaigns we report our progress weekly with detail on exactly what’s working to help assure you that investing in Paid Ads is the right decision.

Our Approach To PPC


Search Ads

We first look to conduct in-depth keyword research to establish which search terms your ad campaign will be best bidding for. Once we’ve evaluated things like monthly search volume & bid price we can advise on what the best steps will be for your ad campaign.

Then we conduct a full PPC audit on the campaign. We analyse every aspect in detail to work out what’s successful and what isn’t.

Then once we have established a budget that works for you on your ads, we can begin. Along the way we’ll monitor areas such as Conversion Tracking & Bidding Analysis. This way we can ensure the campaigns are running smoothly and absolutely all of your budget is spent effectively.

Display Ads

For display ads on platforms like YouTube, we look to speak with you personally and in depth about how we can best capture your business and advertise it with the most effective information and brand image available.

After this, we would begin competitor research & audience analysis to make sure that the campaign will have the maximum desired effect in showcasing your business.

Then just as with search ads, we’ll help advise on a budget that works for you and begin running the campaign. We ensure that a close eye is kept on the campaign and that it is both profitable and effective.

The Power of PPC

200% ROI

Paid ads have an average Return On Investment (ROI) of a whopping 200%.

Reach 9/10 People

Search ads that are displayed on Google will reach around 90% of internet users.

Drive Sales

Because PPC ads show to people who are looking for your services, they’re 50% more likely to purchase.


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