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PPC advertising can be used in various different ways. From generating more awareness for your business to driving sales traffic to your website, it is most certainly the fastest way to attain great results for your business.

Rapidly expanding as the number one PPC agency in Derby; Assured Marketing’s paid media specialists have experience in creating, optimising and developing incredibly successful PPC campaigns for our clients. Whatever the goal is, as your paid advertising experts, we can help double down your organisation’s efforts when it comes to search ads, display ads and remarketing to lapsed customers through pay-per-click-advertising.


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How PPC Can Help Scale Your Business

Unlike SEO, which can take between 4 and 6 months to start showing palpable results, PPC is able to begin driving online sales for your business there and then. It’s by far the fastest way to the top of Google for your chosen keywords and when optimised correctly it completely elevates you above competitors within your niche.

Using Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns we can ensure that your business will start showing to people that are genuinely on the lookout for your services and those who are looking for other businesses within your industry.

So if you’re looking to really increase the work your website does as a business sales tool, then PPC should definitely be on the agenda for you to achieve digital success.

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Why We’re Derby’s Best PPC Agency


With qualified experts on hand 24/7 and weekly reporting to keep you in the loop with all of the progress made on your PPC campaigns. We can prove to you just why we’re different from all of the other PPC agencies in Derby!


We have a proven track record of saving clients money on their ad spend! Our paid media team are able to work within your budget as a business and establish your ideal Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).

The campaigns which we run on your behalf are analysed and tracked daily, with reporting on a weekly basis to ensure that ad spend is being directed in the best possible areas of each campaign. Taking this approach to our work allows us to ensure a good Return on Investment (ROI) of your PPC campaigns.

We’re Derby’s Trusted Google Partners

Our paid media team’s hard work has paid off in the form of being recognised as a Google Advertising Partner.

We have been certified with qualifications in running effective PPC campaigns and assessed against Google’s performance standards. This allows us to assure our clients of our experience and ability when it comes to PPC!

We Take The Pressure Away From Business Owners

Running multiple successful PPC campaigns can be both time consuming and stressful. Especially for SME owners, who typically have more than one role within the business. We aim to resolve this issue and offer our paid media team as your support in scaling your business using paid advertising.

Our team are available and contactable 24/7 meaning you don’t have to juggle priorities so as to fit in a consultation call or reach out for advice. Our aim is to relieve the pressure from business and deliver sales to you on a regular basis.

How We Approach Google PPC


Search Ads

In the case that you have already been running PPC campaigns we will begin with an in-depth audit of the performance so far. With this we can evaluate and discover opportunities for growth as well as locating areas which could be damaging the effectiveness of campaigns, such as bidding for irrelevant keywords.

We will then undertake our own research into these areas of opportunity and present a full strategy moving forward for you and your team. This will cover areas such as bidding strategy and keyword research, enabling us to make informed decisions on the future direction of your PPC advertising.

Once all of this has been agreed with yourselves and we have set up workable budgets for the campaigns. We will start running your business’ search ads. Your weekly reporting will detail their progress and we’ll monitor KPIs such as conversions, ROI and ROAS.

Display Ads

Typically used as touchpoints in raising brand awareness, display ads are video or imagery based ads that appear before YouTube videos or on websites that choose to have ad placements on sections of their pages.

We will work with you and your team to work out the goal of this campaign and then our innovative creative leads will craft attention grabbing and informative content that can be used in the ad format.

As with search ads, we will then conduct research into the targeting methods that will work best and help advise on your budget for the ad spend. All metrics will again be tracked and KPIs will be reported directly to you weekly.

Reasons To Choose PPC


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Google’s PPC data shows that ads can generate up to an 80% increase in brand awareness for a business.

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75% of users will click ads when they’re searching for a specific product, service or answer

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Paid Ads get 65% of clicks from users that intend to purchase.


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