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Whether you’re looking for a service, a product or helping someone find the right place, the first step is usually to jump on to Google. Your customers are no different and if you want to be seen then you have to get onto the first page to even stand a fighting chance.

It doesn’t matter how attractive or cool your website is if no one is seeing it. Our expert team is committed to developing your website to a point where it soars above your competitors.

By staying on top of industry trends and working closely with our clients we create a marketing strategy that not only solidifies their position above their competitors but also encaptures their company’s ethos and brand.


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Local SEO

‘Near Me’ related search terms are quickly evolving into one of the most popular search terms for local businesses. In fact between 2019 and 2020 this type of search increased by over 150% and isn’t expected to stop.

The simple fact is, if your website isn’t optimised for local search then you are not going to appear for 46% of all Google Searches. Our campaigns are set out to not only make sure your business is showing up for all relevant searches but to make sure that they’re the one getting clicked on. By using proven and effective SEO techniques, your website will not only be optimised in a way that Google likes, but also a way that your customers like.

With less than 25% of people ever going past the first page of results on Google it is more important than ever to ensure your website is optimised for search.

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Our Approach To SEO

Our team recognises that a strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign is the only real way to not only drive organic traffic to your website but to futureproof your business and continue to drive customers to your page long after the campaign has finished. This knowledge combined with our teams dedication and passion for your business is what truly sets us apart from all other SEO agencies in Hull.

By staying up to date and constantly adapting to industry trends we can guarantee a campaign set to dominate your online competition and gear up your business for long term success. But we want more than that. At Assured Marketing we understand that as great as Google thinks you are, the real judge is the people. As a result all of our campaigns are designed to not only encapture your perfect customer, but to guide them to the end of your sales funnel.

By working closely with your team we will understand your ideal customer journey and weave it into every one of the services that we provide.

Why Us

After years of working for large agencies with even larger clients we realised that smaller, independent businesses were being left behind, with 42% of small businesses not using a strong website and social media platforms to market themselves. That is why we decided to take the experience and expertise we learned working for these industry giants and use that information to benefit companies that really feel the difference.

Our team’s experience combined with their passion to help has led to us leading countless successful campaigns with the result we strive for, happy clients. A successful digital journey is assured.

Analysis & Reporting

All of our campaigns performance indicators are monitored closely by our expert team who then relay the findings back to you in detailed and easy to understand weekly reports.

Running a successful SEO campaign without data, would be like trying to read a book with your eyes closed. As a Google Partner we understand the importance of analytics and reporting to ensure that our clients SEO campaigns are as effective as possible. Using analytics allows us to constantly find new ways of making our campaign successful.

Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is a key part of expanding a business and there is no larger audience than that held by Google. With the help of an experienced SEO specialist your website can reach everyone searching for terms relevant to your business. According to latana in order to effectively increase brand awareness, a business must have a savvy SEO strategy.

As an SEO agency our ability to research and understand the sector which your business deals in allows us to create a SEO Campaign with huge emphasis on increasing online brand awareness on Google, Bing & other search engines. In these ever changing times, where online presence has never been so important, SME owners must act now by investing in an SEO campaign.

We Get Results!

Being well versed in Search Engine Optimisation, our team knows what to do in order to get your business in front of your ‘ideal customers’.

Whether you need an international SEO campaign or a Local SEO campaign, with us it is guaranteed to be structured with conversion in mind. Our team understands your needs, so every adjustment we make is done with the aim of generating an outstanding return on investment.

Our campaigns will get your business in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

What SEO Can Do For You

Good SEO is like a reserved parking spot on the first page of Google. SEO has the ability to take your business to the front of the queue, increasing brand awareness and creating more conversions simultaneously.

An existing client of ours has said: Thanks to our SEO campaign nearly all of their enquiries now come from their website, chalk and cheese to the one lead per month it used to generate.

This was not achieved with a quick-fix pay-per-click advertising campaign costing vast sums of money, but simply by commissioning an effective SEO campaign. The power of SEO is unquestioned, the ability to organically grow the reach of your website, beyond existing customers and word of mouth. Putting your business at the front of the queue where on average less than 4 companies rank above yelp for searches including a city and their industry category.


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