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Whether you’re an avid user of Social Media, always on the lookout for fun & engaging posts to share with your friends and followers, or you occasionally find yourself scrolling through and come across a business/product that you like the look of.

You’ll find that your business’s target audience is doing exactly the same, and if you want to be noticed by these people, you need an engaging & professional looking brand presence on these platforms.

When you take into consideration the population of Hull stands at 260,200 (as of 2016) then any local business without an engaging and professional Social Media Presence is missing out on a lot of potential leads.


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What Social Media Marketing Can Do For You

Social Media is ever-evolving and these days there is more business done here than at all of the world’s stock exchanges combined. 78% of salespeople are outselling their competitors by simply having a presence here alone. Alongside Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a Social Media marketing Campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to further the digital footprint of your business.

Constantly engaging with new customers alongside being able to better retain existing ones via the fun and relaxed environment of Social Media will display a far better brand than that of any leading PR executive.

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Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

At Assured Marketing we are always keeping our ears to the ground for the latest trends & crazes sweeping Social Media, and we know exactly how to boost your business’s Social Media following.

Our Expert Team will work with you to create engaging content and revolutionary strategies that will further grow the online presence of your business. Being innovative comes naturally to us, so helping you create professional and engaging Social Media listings is something we love to do!

Working with you closely we will accurately develop a target audience perfect for the campaign goals making sure our efforts are seen by the people that matter.

We recognise that a good SEO campaign for your website must be supported with a strong Social Media presence in order to create a strong trust symbol to all of the new people you’ll be reaching! In fact over 50% of Social Media users use the platform to research a product before the purchase.

Why Us

We’re taking our social media expertise and offering it to the thousands of UK SMEs who need it most. Our team have worked with some of the largest companies in the UK in honing a successful social media strategy, but at Assured Marketing we want to give small business owners that same excellent service without huge overheads.

With 53% of consumers wanting to engage with businesses in a positive manner on these platforms, having our team’s help and guidance can assure you of a profitable social media campaign.

Research & Strategy


We Care About What You Do! Our team is full of people who are eager to learn just how your business works and exactly what needs to be done in order to create successful Social Media campaigns. We intensely research your industry assuring that we know both what we are talking about and stay on top of all industry trends.

Instead of sitting behind our desks aimlessly posting content, we actively engage with all of our clients to help them develop their ideal audience and generate the content and strategy needed to reach them. We do a tremendous amount of background research into your industry and analyse the leaders in your sector.

Regardless of the goal our team is dedicated to working with you in forming an effective strategy to move your business forward.

Continuous Campaigns


Once our research & strategy is complete, we’ll run the campaigns across your chosen platforms implementing the points detailed in both our recommendations and your vision and targets. We will have set out some of our own key goals/targets at the start of the campaign, to guide your vision. Then using our experience and knowledge we will be able to provide the best long term solution for your business.

By creating a long term strategy we will help you use your social media to directly market to people you wouldn’t reach any other way. Creating a unique experience and developing a customer base from every area of the sales funnel from creating interest to sales generation.

Analytics & Reporting


As Dan Zarella put it: “Marketing Without Data Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed”. We channel that in everything we do at Assured Marketing; using the data we generate from your reports we can always ensure that our team’s attention is focused on constantly furthering your marketing efforts and growing your businesses potential.

With weekly reporting we keep our operations as clear as possible, letting you know not only what has been done but also the effect it has had.

We don’t rely on our experience or work on assumptions to serve as assurance for our clients. We prove it! Every single one of our clients, no matter their business, will receive 4 detailed update reports per month (1 per week) to show you just how we are improving the performance of your business.

3 Key Focus Areas


On average, people spend 38 minutes per day scrolling through their news feed on Facebook. That leaves an impressive window of opportunity for businesses to target these people with attractive content, generating more customers & retaining them for longer.

Our Facebook Marketing campaigns are effective in retaining customers with content focused on brand loyalty and by ensuring that users are regularly engaging with your page. If the first thing a new customer sees is how your business is presented on Facebook then that first impression is critical.

Being active all of the time when you have a business to run nigh-on-impossible, creating new graphics and optimising posts when you have a service to provide is hard. We take the stress away from businesses and ensure an effective brand image allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Whatever your business does, we know that people seeing the action unfold is one of the best ways to drive engagement. Instagram does exactly this, we’re masters in the art of visual storytelling. This means that we can create enhanced images and create an outstanding representation of your brand here.

Visual aids are one of the most important factors in a user deciding whether or not to buy from a business, with over 36% of decisions being made after viewing a recent Instagram post. So kick back and relax whilst our team ensures that you don’t miss over a third of your customers.


A platform entirely different to Facebook. But that’s not to say it’s not an essential part of any Social Media Marketing Campaign.

59% of Social Media users regularly get their news updates from sources on Twitter. This means that posting regular content and following some of the key leaders in your industry can keep you head and shoulder above your industry’s competition.

We understand that Twitter is one of the best platforms for your business to engage with its current customers. Users enjoy the simplicity of being able to reach out to you. Having our expert Social Media team on hand to help guide you with creating engaging Twitter content is a surefire way to ensure that people want to speak with you and your business rather than your competitors.


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