5 Key Areas of Marketing In Video & Film Production

Video production holds an incredible wealth of creative talent within business, and whilst many businesses that utilise video production companies are doing so to create marketing material, it’s important that these creative businesses also pay attention to how they can best market themselves to potential future clients. 

With a wealth of content and skills that can be showcased so easily due to the nature of work that film production companies provide, we’re going to take a look at the five key focus areas in the industry when it comes to marketing these businesses. 

1. Ensure Content Showcases Value

It’s obvious that as an industry, video and film production offers some of the richest content in regard to marketing. Given that 95% of people retain more information through video than through image based content, most in the industry are aware of just how useful they are to businesses.  

image of a film crew working hard

However, what is less common is that many of these production companies don’t set a clear strategy into what content they choose to use in their own marketing. You need to make sure that anything you produce for your own marketing has a clear purpose and goals behind it.

For example, if you’ve produced one of your best videos for a client recently this is already pretty rich content. But – if you can showcase the content in a way that also demonstrates the effect that this had on the client’s targets then it will serve as a way to emphasise the importance of your services.

Seeing the amazingly creative video content that is produced by these kinds of businesses will keep a user well and truly engaged, but if you can also convince the user of why using video production can help their organisation then the content serves less as a touchpoint and more of a sales tool. 

2. Social Media Ads

image of people editing social media video

When considering that video ads have up to 64% more chance at converting social media users into customers, it seems only logical that video production companies can tap into this with the wealth of content that they have at their disposal.

Thinking back to what we mentioned in the previous point however, it should be noted that for an ad to be effective then there needs to be a clear purpose and suitable Call to actions based on the overall goal of the campaign.

An obvious choice for creating this kind of content is clearly a kind of montage video of the work that has been done for existing clients accompanied by some emphasised statistics on the value that video marketing will add to other businesses. 

Take a look at this video produced by Riddler Films as a great way of summarising both service areas and value whilst using tactics that keep the user well engaged with the content.

3. Highlight Any Niches That You Have (and look for vertical markets)

There are multiple different factors that can constitute a niche for your business. Perhaps it’s geographical service area, the recording equipment that you use or even your culture and environment as a business. Whatever this is, having a niche can often be the biggest tool in your marketing arsenal when it comes to creating a strong brand message.

picture of video editor targeting vertical market

One such niche that can really be focused on is your client base itself, and exploring vertical markets that you can become the leading film production company within is a brilliant strategy when it comes off.

You first need to identify the vertical market that you wish to enter, now obviously some will be more profitable than others and some will have very little demand for your services at all. Carefully planning on which market you think will bring the most success is something that needs strategy and good foresight.

Once this has been achieved and you have carried out work for a business in this market then this quickly needs to be demonstrated in the best possible ways. From advertising to creating a portfolio, you need to be able to evidence your understanding and experience of this industry to other potential clients within it. 

Finally, immerse yourself within this industry. If there are events held for people in this field then go to them. Not only does it present a brilliant networking opportunity but also it helps strengthen your reputation as an experienced figure within the field for video and film production. 

4. Implement a Local SEO Strategy

image showing the importance of seo in video marketing

Integral to any business is SEO, the need for your businesses website to appear higher in search results than your competitors is massive. Given that over 50% of businesses do not consider local SEO in their marketing strategy it’s clear that there will be a gap in nearly every industry that can be exploited. 

Using location specific keywords in content that you produce for the website, listing the domain on countless local directories and generating high quality backlinks from industry leaders are the essential foundations to successful local SEO.

Location specific landing pages have been found to be incredibly successful, rather than cannibalising content or aiming for search terms that are far too competitive, implementing this strategy allows you to quickly compete against those around you and will help provide a welcome boost to the amount of impressions and clicks that your website is currently getting. 

5. Interactive Testimonials

videographer filming an interactive testimonial from a client

Testimonials, reviews and feedback are always the biggest trust signal that you can use to help assure perspectives of your quality in a way to get them to convert. But with video and film production you can make testimonials even more engaging and believable than with text on a screen or a review left on social media.

Often people can distrust traditional reviews as they could have been left by friends or even by the business themselves. But – with a video testimonial you can eliminate this connotation from the viewer’s mind and present them with systematic assurance that the person giving feedback really is who they claim. 

As an additional positive, just as with work that has been done for clients, these videos will also serve as great pieces of marketing content that can be used on social media and your website alike.


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