Assured Marketing: Here to Guide Small Businesses Through the Digital Revolution

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Assured Marketing: Here to Guide Small Businesses Through the Digital Revolution

Calling all of the UK’s Small Business Owners! Are you failing to showcase your amazing work on your Social Media Platforms & Website? Well you’re not alone, there are thousands of Small Businesses across the country whose amazing work is going unnoticed. Perhaps you’ve recently become more active on your businesses social media pages, but you’re wondering why no matter what you try, you just don’t seem to have the same engagement as before? Or perhaps, you seem to have realised that your website enquiries have dried up and you appear to have fallen behind your competition on Google?

Well there’s a simple reason that these problems are becoming far more common for the UK’s aspiring entrepreneurs. The second Digital Revolution is here! Now, in order for your business to perform well through online conversion, you need to be active, relevant and trusted on all online platforms. Without that your customer engagement will simply dwindle and slowly you will find it ever more difficult to retain customers if they are constantly exposed to your competition whenever they are online. In fact a recent study by (Review 42) found that 71% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service from a business offering a good social media experience. Couple your businesses Social Media alongside a favourable Google listing and you’re onto a winner, especially considering that 93% of online experiences begin with a Google Search (Junto-Digital). If your business isn’t currently making an effort to improve its online presence then it should be, otherwise you’ll end up in a position where the only option available to you will be to start paying platforms like Google & Facebook a heavy amount of money in an attempt to advertise through them directly.   

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So, the first issue that most of the 6 million UK SMEs are facing when it comes to adapting their business to move with the digital revolution is time. We’re sure that whatever it is you do there are more productive and enjoyable things for you to focus on in your business. From Tradesman to Hairdressers, Solicitors to Retailers, finding the time to be posting, tweeting, filming and optimising is exhaustive if you want to focus on your core role as a business. However, some businesses are slightly more productive when it comes to social media, usually  assigning an employee to be responsible for this. Unfortunately this fix then leads to a non-consistent online brand and does nothing to fix the issue of optimisation.

This then means that the second issue is knowledge. Whilst you and your competition will no doubt be able to create a small social media following and perhaps even create a Google My Business account. Are you able to take full advantage of them by using powerful tools such as Social Media Insights or Google Analytics to understand the success you may or may not be having? Not only this, but are you able to then take this data and optimise your online presence in order to improve on it? If you’re relating your business more and more to this article then  it’s probably clear that you have already considered seeking external support in order to market your business more  successfully. But, we know as well as you do that these services normally come at a premium cost to small business owners, and that brings us to the third and final issue being faced by small business. 

The third issue facing small business in this digital revolution is simple. Local SMEs are being strangled digitally as they lack the budget or ability to compete 

with large national entities. These nationwide companies are able to do two things that local SMEs are normally unable to do. They are able to hire an in house experienced marketing team, or they can pay a digital marketing agency thousands of pounds per month to run digital marketing campaigns on their behalf.  The fact that in 2019 The UK’s biggest advertising spender Sky spent a whopping £178m (an increase of over 30% from 2018) with figures expected to rise further due to the Coronavirus Pandemic (advanced-television). Meanwhile Small Local Businesses have been forced to close during 2020 and been given little to no help in adapting their business to the online market.

Well, what if you could commission a specialist agency with a proven track record to manage these areas for you, at a fraction of the cost of employing someone full time? Although this may sound too good to be true, it’s not. Assured Marketing are here on hand 24/7 to help guide Small Business owners right across the UK make the most of the digital revolution. We’re here in challenging times for your business to ensure that you stay a cut above your competition at all times and that your ‘perfect customer’ is focused on you and only you every time they check out your service online! 

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The culture here at Assured Marketing has been forged in essence to create affordable digital agency support for SMEs.  Whilst Adzooma reports that the average cost of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns with UK Digital Marketing Agencies is £901.50 per month and for simply running an organic Social Media Marketing Campaign is even higher at £1120.00 per month. We at Assured Marketing are able to provide the same level of support with prices starting from £135 per month.  

But what if my business has no online presence at all we hear you ask? Well once again we’re on hand to help launch your business online successfully! With Web & Social Media set up costs in the UK averaging at £6572.30 (Adzooma) for Businesses we offer a much more refreshingly priced alternative with new business packages starting from £1199.00.

Whatever your business does, if it does it well and it wants to showcase that. We stand here ready to help take your business through these changing times and push you to become a leader in your industry. We want to help you not only retain your faithful customers, but to generate more sales and create a sustainable marketing plan that keeps you at the top of your business’s food chain.


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