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A quick update on a busy 7 days at Assured Marketing.

The last week at Assured Marketing has been one of the busiest in our short history. From a new workspace to local press coverage and even a partnership in a land down under. 

Normally in our blogs, we’ll speak about our industry as a whole, share some best practices or talk about incoming updates to everything digital. But (though it may seem like shameless self-promotion) we wanted to share some big news from the last 7 days here at Assured Marketing. We wouldn’t normally do this but wow! What a week it has been.

Our New City Centre Workspace

To those who are more local to the city of Kingston-upon Hull, the Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI) building is well known. An office complex containing some of the most innovative and creative people in the local digital community.

Assured Marketing has now become a member of the C4DI community, joining a whole host of other local professionals to help build a stronger digital sector for the city. 

As part of this vibrant community, we’re putting ourselves alongside some of the city’s most talented technologists, developers,

marketers and many others. All of the community members are working towards the common goal of helping businesses become more successful through harnessing the power of the digital sector.

We feel that being part of the C4DI community helps us to re-enforce our message of supporting small local businesses. With the goal of C4DI being to use a building full of talented digital experts in benefiting the local economy, this matches with our ethos of bringing quality marketing resources to local SMEs. Through this membership we feel we can create great opportunities for local businesses to really harness the power of digital marketing. 

Local Press Coverage for Assured Marketing & One of Our Valued Clients

We were thrilled to have been featured in some local media outlets for the work we have been doing to help The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation with their humanitarian work in Sierra Leone. 

An organisation whose dedication helping transform lives cannot be overstated, we felt that attaining some local press coverage (given our city’s links with the West African nation) was a great way to help further the awareness of the foundation. 

From community based agricultural development projects to helping women in Sierra Leone become more financially independent through a number of business support schemes, the foundation is working tirelessly to improve the quality of life of many women and children. 

The links our city has with Sierra Leone stem back from the days of abolition. When Hull’s William Wilberforce MP and a group of influential friends known as the ‘Clapham Sect’ worked to end the UK’s slave trade. 

Out of these historical links, the nation’s capital, Freetown, has been twinned with the city of Hull.

These links inspired us to help put together a press release for the partnership we have with The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation, immediately this peaked the interest of many local sources who wanted to feature this for their readers.

You can read one of the full articles here.

It is a great triumph when we achieve something so simple yet so effective in helping our clients, and to be able to help showcase the amazing work being done by the foundation was definitely a cause for celebration amongst our team in the last few days!

Aus-sured Marketing

It’s not just local business communities that we’ve been joining in the last 7 days. We’ve partnered with the Australian business experts at SavvySME, an organisation who work to connect businesses with those who can help.

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One of the key things that has come out of the last 12 months is that it is now easier to do business with people remotely. Without these communication systems in place this opportunity would never be practical nor even possible. 

The great benefit of working in the digital sector is that there isn’t anything that requires us to meet with people face to face (although this is something we love to do whenever possible). Being able to jump on a video call and work with a client is great, and this has allowed us to begin offering our services, knowledge and expertise to Australian business owners as well as UK ones. 

Our team are relishing the opportunity to expand our client base and work alongside some talented and driven entrepreneurs from the commonwealth nation. 

To be able to work with businesses who are literally on the other side of the globe is a fantastic opportunity. After all, we may be Men at Work, but were certainly not from a Land Down Under.


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