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Social media is one of the most powerful tools that businesses have in driving customer engagement and generating an established loyalty to their brand. 

Users that range from the most active and avid posters to those who scroll through their feed periodically are always engaging with businesses that target their interests.

Therefore, it’s crucial for businesses to have a social media marketing strategy that revolves around their target audience. The content that is posted and the way in which the business interacts with users on the different social media platforms is at the heart of how we help local SMEs in Derby with creating a presence that stands above their competitors on social media.


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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

More business is being done on social media each day than on almost every other digital platform in existence. However, it’s no secret that business owners find it more and more difficult to make time for posting optimised content across platforms on a regular basis, with 58% of companies giving this as their number one reason for failing to take advantage of social media marketing.

That’s why at Assured Marketing we aim to take the stress away from business owners and our team of digital experts can create a tailored strategy to your business and execute it to perfection, ensuring that you’re using social media marketing to really improve the performance of the organisation online.


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How We Approach Social Media Marketing

Our team of social media executives in Derby work to ensure that they’re staying up to date with the latest social media trends and their experience gives them the exceptional ability to drive both a business’ following and it’s engagements on these platforms

We will work with your business and your team to craft the best possible social media content that can be published and directed at your target audience. Being imaginative is in our DNA which makes us the perfect partner for your business in making sure the content created for your business is both informative and gives a great reflection of your overall brand.

Considering that the population of Derby is currently 258,746, there is huge potential for getting your business in front of the right people through Social Media Marketing but only if your message, content and profile is targeted in the right areas.

Why We’re Derby’s Best Social Media Marketing Agency

Our social media marketing packages are filled with value and we assure every single one of our clients of a successful digital journey. Our team have previously worked with some of the largest companies in the UK, and we’re now taking that experience and offering bespoke social media packages to UK SMEs at prices that don’t weigh business owners down!

Given that 71% of consumers will be influenced by a businesses social media profile, having our digital experts on hand 24/7 working on your brand’s social media presence can be a welcome boost to any business!

What sets us apart from the other social media agencies in Derby is our commitment to our clients. Always being available is one of our most notable differences alongside flexible budgeting that can be tailored to your business needs.

We’re also proud to offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, meaning if there’s ever something that you’re unhappy with, we’ll aim to resolve it as soon as possible.

Research & Strategy

We’re hungry for knowledge! Meaning we want to get to know the ins and outs of the industry which your business operates in. Knowing the way your business functions and what sets it apart from the competitions is exactly how we can create a social media strategy and produce content that truly reflects your organisation and its people.

Our background research is in-depth and using this we can work alongside you in developing who your target audience truly is as well as the best ways to reach and engage these users on social media platforms.


Continuous Campaigns

Drawing from our internal auditing, research and strategy we’ll be able to take over the legwork of running your company’s social media activity. We;ll implement all of the changes that have been recommended and use our knowledge and experience to find the best opportunities for the organisation on Social Media.

Our aim is to help develop a long term plan for our clients that can be implemented over a period of time and give users their own personal experience when they encounter the brand. This will be sure to help generate more interest and sales for the business through this channel.


Analytics & Reporting

We’re a data driven social media marketing agency and taking an analytical approach is key to both ours and our clients success! The data we generate helps to not only craft your weekly reports but to also ensure our team is directing its efforts in the correct areas of your social media marketing campaign.

Our weekly reporting is then able to keep you informed of all the changes we make as well as highlighting the progress the business is making on its various social media platforms as a result of our campaigns. 

None of our clients are ever kept in the dark and we also offer free consultations to clients where the ins and outs of their reports can be discussed with one of our digital experts.


The 4 Main Social Media Networks


Facebook’s algorithm will prioritise content that is seen to be well received by its users. That means the more engagement and conversation a post is generating the better it will perform organically in people’s news feeds. Our Facebook marketing campaigns are centred around cultivating an engaged audience for your business that will engage with your content regularly and thus extend the reach of the business organically.


Instagram is a platform for visual storytelling and showing off the best look of your business/products. Almost exclusively used on mobile and most popular with 18-24 year our Instagram marketing campaigns focus around creating bespoke visuals in the form of images and videos that your users will engage with well and become loyal followers of the business.


Twitter is widely used to provide news, updates and for people to engage with leaders of their industries or hobbies. It’s character limit means that information shared here needs to be to the point and informative. Our Twitter marketing focuses on engaging with users and cultivating a brand presence which establishes your business as a thought leader in your industry.


A social media network that is aimed at the professional community, LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B organisations as a way to share industry content and network virtually. Our LinkedIn marketing campaigns are similar to that of Twitter in that we’ll aim to establish your business as an industry leader – however due to it’s differences we can use a range of audio, visual and article content in order to achieve this.


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