Best Ways to Improve Profitability on Facebook Ads

If your business currently encompasses Facebook Ads into its digital marketing strategy, then here at Assured Marketing we’re putting together some best practices that you can follow for maximising the profitability of your Facebook Ad Campaigns.   According to Sprout Social, Facebook advertising has grown at a rate of close to 25% year-on-year since 2019. With this, there has undoubtedly […]

Case Study: Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation

About The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation: The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation committed to improving the lives of widows and children in the 3rd world nation of Sierra Leone.  The organisation is centred around assisting those that have been most impacted by the nation’s civil war and Ebola outbreaks that left many women widowed […]

Using Hashtags In Social Media Marketing. How & Why?

From raising brand awareness, to coining your own unique hashtag and getting it to trend. Here’s an in-depth look at the use of hashtags in social media marketing and how businesses can effectively take advantage of their power.   When it comes to raising brand awareness for a business across the various social media platforms, hashtags are a key part […]