Case Study: Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation

About The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation:

The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation committed to improving the lives of widows and children in the 3rd world nation of Sierra Leone.  The organisation is centred around assisting those that have been most impacted by the nation’s civil war and Ebola outbreaks that left many women widowed and unable to provide for their children.  Running a range of support programs that provide education to these women and their children, alongside projects that encourage entrepreneurship in the region to further develop the skills and lives of impoverished people in Sierra Leone.

Branding Design For Digital Outreach:

Below are some of the different Graphics Design pieces that Assured Marketing LTD have produced for the organisation.  The primary aim of these bespoke graphics is for them to act as a support tool in raising brand awareness through the various digital channels that the foundation advertises their programs and campaigns for charitable donations through.  The branding concept design was formulated in-house by Assured Marketing LTD by using their existing branding and applying it to enhanced graphics that would drive digital engagement with the organisation, as well as a consistent and identifiable branding for the organisation. 

Using infographics in this manner has helped further awareness of the different causes the organisation is working towards. The use of eye catching and shocking statistics in this manner was purposefully incorporated into the branding as a way to ensure people paid attention to the message that was conveyed throughout Social Media platforms and the organisation’s website.

Social Media Marketing:

Below are the links to the different social media posts which incorporated the infographics displayed above.


First Social Media Post Statistical Breakdown

The 1st infographic post which was released as part of our continued efforts to help increase brand awareness for the foundation had great success. When compared to recent posts using similar imagery, the addition of relevant information to the graphic content was able to increase reach against previous posts by 494.60%. Engagement from the public on these posts also carried a 583.30% increase when compared to image content with less information.

Second Social Media Post Statistical Breakdown

The 2nd post using the infographic post also proved successful in regard to the aim of increasing brand awareness and engagement with the organisation. As it was the 2nd post we had taken the infographic approach we were able to gather more relevant data on the success of these designs by comparing it to the 1st post. In comparison the 2nd post had an increase in reach of 11.43% continuing the raising of awareness. The 2nd post more importantly also carried an increase of 60.98% in engagement. Demonstrating  that our research into the use of infographics for this campaign was the correct marketing strategy to employ.

Third Social Media Post Statistical Breakdown

Our 3rd and most recent post using the infographic technique to enhance the digital reputation of the foundation on various social media channels continued the trend we had previously seen of increasing both awareness and involvement of members of the public in the organisation. The post increased reach by 62.98% when compared to the 2nd infographic and it was noted that reach also increased significantly (by 33.33%) when compared against the previous infographic.

Overall Social Media Campaign Progression  

As we continue to endeavour in supporting this client with promoting the valuable work that they do, and assisting them in receiving more awareness & donations to help with their causes in Sierra Leone, we are happy with the campaign performance thus far. Our original consultations with the client have allowed us to understand best their needs and in turn create a marketing solution in this field that has been successful in working to fulfil the goals of increased brand awareness and engagements on the platforms.

Some Notable Overall Statistics From Our Social Media Marketing Campaign

So far our social media marketing efforts with the foundation have led to the average reach of the social media pages exceeding 13,000 users per month. An increase of 279% from the beginning of the campaign.

We have also seen an increase in the amount of users engaging with social media accounts rise to a monthly average of over 1,800 an increase of 27% in total from the beginning of our campaign. 

Website Optimisation For Marketing:

As part of the original consultation with The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation, it was quickly identified that the ethos and aims of the foundation were not accurately outlined on the organisation’s website. As part of our brand management role working with the foundation we identified areas for improvement in the public facing ‘Mission Statement’ of the organisation. We then drafted improved versions of the text displayed on the website outlining the culture that The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation wished to advertise to the public. Through careful consultation with decision makers at the foundation we were able to execute the publication of a new webpage specifically designed and written to better explain the role and aims of the foundation. 

Our aim was also to optimise the visual content on this area of the website to ensure visitors to the page were engaged with the content and would better understand the role of the organisation in providing humanitarian aid in Sierra Leone. Our team’s expertise in website design and optimisation allowed us to work closely with decision makers at the foundation in order to produce a more inviting page overall.

Link to ‘About Us’ Web Page Created By Assured Marketing LTD:

Press Coverage to Increase Brand Awareness:

To increase brand awareness for the organisation (one of the key aims of the marketing campaign) we utilised local press connections to highlight links between our local area and the work being done by the foundation in a press release. We drew upon the connections historically between the city of Kingston-Upon Hull and Freetown, Sierra Leone. These connections allowed for us to pitch a press release to 2 local media outlets that were able to increase the exposure of the charity with articles circulated in the area.  

Hull CC News:

Invest In Hull:

How We Report To The Client & Action Plan For Future Support:

Reporting to the client is carried out weekly detailing the different changes made to the accounts and also with detail on the ongoing research that we conduct in their industry to help identify new and innovative ways to fulfil the goals of the marketing campaigns. 

Our reports also detail advice and consultations for both decision makers and in-house staff/volunteers at The Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation on how they can implement changes themselves. This additional advice is given as a way to ensure that the marketing of the foundation can be taken fully in-house in the long term to help minimise their expenses and create more opportunity for skilled work in the region.  

We are anticipating that once in-house staff are well versed in the focus areas that we have been improving on behalf of the organisation, that we will be able to step back from these duties and allow the organisation to effectively manage their own marketing for the future.


In conclusion, the marketing campaign for this client is running successfully and will continue to do so for the near-future.

Both ourselves and the client are happy with the way in which brand awareness  and engagement have been increased digitally with insights from social media & their website increasing at a good rate from the beginning of the campaign.

We are also seeing notable improvements in the quality of the work produced by their in-house team in Sierra Leone and feel that they will soon be ready to manage their marketing internally without losing the momentum generated through their campaign with ourselves.


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