4 Reasons Why A Digital Marketing Agency Is Better For Your Business Than In-House Staff

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In these uncertain times, more and more business owners are turning to digital marketing as a way to generate exposure for their brands, services or products. The impact of the Corona-virus Pandemic on Digital Marketing has been phenomenal. Social Media Content is up by 66%, Blog Content up by 57% and Video Production up by 50%. The increase in demand has left business owners with a tough decision when venturing into the realms of Websites, Search Engines & Social Media Platforms. Should they try it themselves? Hire somebody? Or commission an experienced agency?

Every Business is different, from the products/services that it supplies to the way in which they work. But, in the majority of cases, outsourcing a businesses digital marketing is the most effective investment. Here we’re going to explain the 4 key reasons for this being the case.


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Having a bespoke marketing campaign means having the experience and knowledge on how to create a strategy that is going to be effective for a specific business.

Digital marketing agencies are filled with the most experienced and qualified people in the industry. They will have extensive knowledge on areas such as; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Website Design and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). This is largely due to the fact that there is so much expertise needed in order to generate a good Return on Investment (ROI) for their clients.

Working with an expert team of people reduces errors, maximises budgets and saves valuable time for the business, leaving it to grow faster and take advantage of a wider audience of customers.    


A digital marketing agency’s sole purpose is to provide marketing packages that are consistently generating a good ROI for their clients. Which means that more of their time is supposed to be taken up with planning, strategising and executing effective campaigns on behalf of businesses.

The owners, directors or managers of a business have more than enough work to do within the company on a daily basis without having to worry about effectively expanding their target audience. It means that even if senior personnel at a business were to try and take up the mantle of the company’s digital marketer, it would take them often too long to generate results in a way that benefits the business. Simply put, if a business owner wants to grow their business then they have to recruit; either to provide support with sales and marketing, or to take on the extra workload that an effective marketing campaign will generate for the business.

This leads into the next reason why outsourcing to a digital marketing agency is much more of an attractive alternative to in-house staff.   

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There is of course the argument of cost. Some business owners will find themselves thinking it will be cheaper to simply hire a digital marketer to do the work. That way they save not only time but money too!

This simply isn’t the case, the average yearly wage of a digital marketing executive is £25,645.97 yet the expected cost of an agency can be as little as £4728.00 per annum. This is without factoring in all material costs, such as recruitment costs & workstations. 

Any business owners who are needing to expand into the online market, also normally lack the spare capital to outright hire someone with a proven track record. Meaning that even if they do recruit an individual without spending much, then chances are that their ROI will undoubtedly be poor.

Bespoke Packages

Like was mentioned at the introduction of this post. Every business is different, the things they do, the products & services they provide and the way in which they conduct themselves as a company.

This means that there is no quick-fix single solution digital marketing strategy that can be adapted and handed to business owners. Therefore for thousands of businesses it’s most certainly worth at the very least, consulting a digital marketing agency when you are considering expanding your reach online.

Their experiences allow them to mould advertising campaigns and full marketing strategies that are tailored to a businesses needs, goals and abilities. If for example, a business wants to increase user engagement on social media, then simply paying for Facebook ads would be insufficient.

An agency would be able to not only recognise this but also explain exactly how and why to do things differently. After all, an agency depends on its clients being more than satisfied for it to survive financially. Therefore it is in their best interest to do a good job for all of their clients. 


If a business is looking at their online presence, then they should at least be contacting their local digital marketing agencies. Even if it id simply for some advice, business owners all too commonly miss the minor details when creating marketing campaigns.However, agencies have vast experience in creating engaging and rich media content for all around better customer experiences.

If a business can get their current customers to engage in a marketing campaign then it will lead to all other areas of customer attraction improving. A customer who recommends a business to a friend, generates that business 1 new lead. But, if a customer recommends a business to their entire friends list then they generate an almost infinite number of new leads. Truly put into perspective when considering that 87% of shoppers now begin product searches online. 

So if you’re a business owner looking to expand your business online and attract more people in order to grow then what are you waiting for. Contact your local digital marketing agency today!


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