How Interior Design Businesses Can Utilise Social Media Effectively

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The global value of the interior design market grew by almost $7billion in 2021 comparably with the previous 12 months. A trend which has been accelerating rapidly since around 2013, when the sector was valued at around $76.6billion (now worth over $121billion).

As with any growing market, this inevitably necessitates a crowded market, as investors and entrepreneurs all attempt to cash in and establish a competitive share of the growing market. 

The side effect of this of course, is that for many businesses operating in the sector, standing out and having any meaningful impact with their marketing can feel almost impossible.

So, with larger enterprises able to finance much more complex operations of marketing, how best can smaller interior design businesses ensure they’re not left behind? 

Well, as with any business (notably those which are B2C) Social Media is the perfect playground for cultivating and amplifying a resonating brand message. It can often be utilised as a number one way to advertise for many businesses, as well as be the perfect place to enhance customer retention/brand loyalty.

Therefore, in this article we’re going to address the best ways for interior design businesses to position themselves on social media in order to keep ahead of their growing numbers of competitors.

Establishing A Recognisable Brand Voice

An integral part of the role of an Interior Designer is to encapsulate a client’s style and preference into their space. For that reason, it is only natural that any Interior Designer should themselves encapsulate a distinctive voice when sharing content to their following on social media.

The voice of the brand can be conveyed in various ways. It could be professional, informative, jovial or more – and it could include a few of these tones overall.

What is key here is the consistency in the language used and the way it resonates with the brand’s following. Take the example below from @interiordesignmag on Instagram. The voice here is incredibly informative and looks to convey a strong message of industry knowledge complimented with professionalism. 

image showing brand voice in Instagram caption of interior design based account

The descriptive nature used, also allows to portray the passion that the brand has for the work they do. This is certainly a key factor in how well this particular account resonates and connects on an emotional level with their intended audience.

Consistently utilising this particular brand voice is where the brand is excelling. A reason by which they can be considered as industry leaders is their demonstration of knowledge and professionalism in the way they conduct themselves and engage with their audience publicly.

Creating Engaging & Recognisable Content

Interior Design as an industry produces visual content almost exclusively. From stunning décor, to decorative arrangements the aesthetics that can be demonstrated are considerably the greatest showcase for a brand.

Again, similar to the above discussion on brand voice being established in the way a room may also be by an interior designer – so too must the presentation of creative assets across social media platforms.

The ultimate goal for an Interior Designer is for somebody to walk into a room and know it was their work without having to ask. Naturally, with their social media channels – a person should be able to view the page/account/profile and recognise the branding without glancing at the name.

Popular Interior Designer and Influencer, Sarah Sherman Samuel – has a sizable following and the way she presents her work on social media platforms is incredibly recognisable. 

She uses similar angles, lighting and themes when displaying the work she has done – making the profile instantly recognisable to those familiar with her particular stylings.


image showing brand style of Instagram account for Interior Design Influencer

Whilst many of these aspects of similarity and consistency will naturally be achieved by sharing styles between projects that have aspects akin to one another; thought, time and effort needs to be put into keeping the consistency in brand style in the ways such projects can be presented.

The essential goal for interior designers in this aspect is to ensure there is consistency in things such as lighting and angles as well as using themes that are similar across their work.

By doing this it will (over time) establish a clear brand style unique to the person or business. This will certainly lead to users which follow the interior design community recognising content as belonging to a specific brand when it is displayed in their feed, ultimately encouraging them to pay more attention to it in the future.

Facebook Best Practices For Interior Designers

image of Interior Design interest group on Facebook

Marketing and successfully growing the audience of an Interior Design business on Facebook will have its challenges. Though, with many key features available to marketers and business owners – this can be a very successful platform for expanding brand awareness and driving sales in the sector.

One of the few social media platforms which allows for reviews to be left on pages, this is definitely an area that should have great attention paid to it. For many consumers, working with an interior designer is an exciting prospect – but there will be major due diligence performed by those interested.

As an incredibly consumer scrutinised service – trust signals will be invaluable to driving success. Therefore, encouraging reviews and building a good level of trust with followers that may well be interested will help ensure the likelihood of consumers committing to a specific designer over another.

Secondly with Facebook, there is the scope to utilise community interest groups around the topic of interior design. Marketers and business owners have always used things like interest groups in order to organically increase their engaged audience. 

By finding relevant groups and presenting useful (not sales based) content to the members – interior designers will be able to organically target and expose interested users to their content.

Instagram Best Practices For Interior Designers

Instagram reels promotional ad

As a visual platform, utilising imagery and video based content is going to be one of the best ways to demonstrate the quality and ability of an interior designer. With stories becoming more and more popular, as well as them now being available to be cross-displayed on Facebook, this is a great way to stand out and engage with an audience on a more personal level.

Also, given the prominence of Interior Design Influencers on TikTok, this means there is scope to create content solely for Instagram Reels. Offering informative content such as ‘how-to’ guides or mapping a project in time-lapse from beginning to end would be great content that can be easily shared amongst people with an interest in Interior Design.

Social Media Best Practices For Interior Designers 

There are, of course, more general practices which can be utilised by interior design brands across social media platforms. Subtle techniques that can be included as part of a wider strategy helping to achieve results that cut above the competition.

One such minor element is to ensure ‘alt-text’ attributions are present on every image that is uploaded to social media. Inputting relevant alt-text’ will give more information to the platforms around what is contained in images – helping them to be shown to more relevant audience members’ feeds and also to assist their appearance in places such as Google Image searches.

Secondly, using a hash tagging strategy, rather than simply posting with the most popular hashtags in mind is a great way to then develop organic reach further. Using longer variations and less common hashtags, still relevant to interior design, helps to garner higher levels of initial engagements and then this can be utilised to not only push content higher in the feed but to also encourage algorithms on  social media platforms to push content into the featured sections for more popular hashtags.


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