5 Marketing Tips For Recruitment Agencies

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The recruitment agency sector is one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the UK, with one in 67 businesses being a recruitment agency and the industry being valued at £35.7 billion it can seem overwhelming to try to make a significant impact in such a competitive industry. So creating a successful marketing strategy has never been more important.

This post will aid you in building the foundations of a successful recruitment agency by detailing five very important sections in the sections below. Discussing areas like SEO and social media content, we hope this will give you key knowledge in how to enhance your businesses online presence. 

  1. Social Media Content 

People will use social media to research their potential employers, usually a company’s page will contain reviews by other employees, a compilation of photos, videos of events that improve morale and usually a manifesto that is designed to make the company look more attractive to work for. For a recruitment agency your social media content needs to be the same, your page should contain a brief description of your establishment, statistics of how many spaces your agency has and your reviews. 

There should be engaging info-graphics that contain tips and tricks for creating a CV that will stand out or advice on interview etiquette. Your social media content shouldn’t be too long, easy to read and consistent with your branding. There should also be posts on your page with open ended questions where people can comment their answer, this engages with visitors and makes the business more reputable therefore creating trust. 

  1. Paid Social Media Ad’s 
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Just under 4 billion people use social media and often you will find that recruitment agencies will pay these platforms to advertise jobs or showcase info-graphics that are designed to attract a certain person that meets the requirements of a specific role. This should lead you to the specific landing page on the website with the job role or opportunities, here you should publish the company’s qualities, their contributions to employee welfare and reviews from employees already working at the company to make the role more attractive to prospective candidates leading to more applications.

Furthermore candidates will search on social media platforms for their ideal job roles. So by using targeted posts tailored to a specific demographic required for a job role, there will be more candidates that apply with the knowledge and skills appropriate for the job requirements. For example; a former retail assistant is going to look at jobs with large corporations such as Tesco or Argos and by using targeted paid ads on social media, you can reach ideal candidates more often based on their search history.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

What is SEO and why is it so important? Search engine optimisation is essentially convincing search engines such as Google and Yahoo to prioritise your content as the best answer to a person’s query. This is integral to the strategy of any recruitment agency, based on a prospective candidate searching for jobs, they will utilise keywords in their search query that match their ideal role. By selecting the correct keywords in your advertisement you are more likely to appear in the results tailored to this specific search. 

The content that you use should be the solution for anyone’s specific query, whether it will be searching for a company or a job role. So by including common keywords in job descriptions, candidates searching for similar roles will be more likely to see your agency’s website in the search engines results page. 

  1. Reviews/ Feedback 

Word of mouth is still incredibly important to developing your business, before the internet word of mouth was one of the only effective methods but now with the invention of online reviews and feedback. Prioritising and showing candidates these reviews and forms of positive feedback is a good way of making your agency more attractive.

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Showing a candidate’s experience applying through your agency is a good example, one of the best ways of achieving this is asking employees to go on customer review websites such as Glassdoor. These reviews will make your agency more reputable, consequently resulting in a larger amount of trust between both clients and candidates. 

  1. FAQ’s 

Frequently asked questions are a key tool in marketing your recruitment agency, they allow candidates to validate the professional side of your business and also display common solutions to a candidate’s question. FAQ’s are ideal for a recruitment agency and can vary from answers about a CV and how to improve it, how a candidate’s legal status can affect an application process and how you can advertise a role on the website. FAQ’s combined with the correct schema can appear in search engine results as solutions to candidate queries, which can result in an increase in traffic to your website. As you can see, having an FAQ section on your website can be very beneficial and provide a direct link to your available jobs. 

So if you are thinking of starting a recruitment agency or are looking to improve the digital presence of an existing one but you are unsure of how to develop a good marketing strategy. Follow these five tried and tested tips to solidify a significant presence in a very competitive industry.

For more information on how to execute these steps effectively and find out other ways you can further improve your strategy get in contact with one of our team here.


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