The Best Ways to Market A Luxury Furniture Manufacturing Business

With the evolution of digital channels such as social media in recent years, the way in which furniture brands can perceive luxury through their marketing has had to evolve. From using visuals that capture the high quality products themselves to ensuring that websites are set up to attract and convert those with a higher disposable income – perfecting a digital marketing strategy is imperative for luxury furniture brands.

In this week’s blog we’re going to take an in-depth look at which channels are the most profitable and useful to luxury furniture brands, as well as how to perfectly develop and execute a digital marketing strategy in this industry. So if you’re in the luxury furniture industry, then kick back, grab a coffee and give us 5 minutes to help you perfect your business’s digital marketing.

Marketing Luxury Furniture Via A Website

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Most businesses in this sector will understand the importance of using a website to showcase their phenomenal products. But few in this industry understand the importance of using your website as a way of communicating with the high earners that are after all your ‘target audience’.

Whilst Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media will help improve awareness of the business, what can’t be overlooked in this sector is Conversion Rate Optimisation(CRO). But what is CRO we hear you ask! Well, CRO is essentially altering minor parts of the website to create a much more user friendly sales journey, because the easier the sales journey is to follow, then the more likely people are to purchase. 

Consider your local corner shop, they will have put milk and bread in certain areas of the store as a way to encourage customers to browse and purchase additional products. Well the same is true for any website, implementing subliminal sales techniques using images, wording and pricing indicators is a great way to ensure that you get quality leads through the website.

The reason this is so important in the luxury furniture industry is simple, whilst your website may be able to generate high traffic and a good amount of leads, if these leads are people with small budgets who aren’t shopping for luxury – then they’re almost certainly not going to convert once they see your pricing.

Personalised Call To Actions (CTAs) is one of the most successful CRO tactics, increasing conversions by up to 202% in some cases! This would be a good place to start if you consider your ‘ideal customer’ and personlise the language used on the site to them. Consider also implementing a heavy focus on buzzwords that emphasise things such as quality, high-range or luxury. This way you will begin to paint a picture in the customer’s mind that your products are not for those on smaller budgets.

Utilise ‘How To’ Videos On Social Media

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Sales videos are these days all too common on social media platforms, therefore by using a more soft-selling and engaging approach to the video content that you publish can often drive engagement further than sim-ply putting together a flashy advert.

‘How To’ videos are perfect for this and in an industry where consumers love to appear more knowledgeable than their peers, they will certainly garner a more loyal and engaged audience for your business.

If you’re the manufacturer of these luxury household items then this content will come naturally, perhaps showcasing the design journey of specific items or discussing with your production team on how they approach complex projects. Both of these will help to add trust in the consumers eyes that you provide the quality that is claimed and will also keep users engaged with your brand’s content for a far longer period, meaning that you can then expose them to other sales-rich content in the future.

If you’re the retailer only of these items then content in this fashion is still achievable, you just may have to be a bit more creative! You could produce ‘how to’ videos on other areas of decor or produce videos on ‘how to’ select the right colour schemes for the rooms that your furniture features in. Either way, no matter which part of the industry you fall under, there are some great ways for this kind of content to be produced and increase brand following/loyalty exponentially.

Using Influencer Marketing To Promote Your Luxury Furniture Brand

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One of the key ways that luxury brands can justify higher prices is through the brand culture and popularity. Very few people buy Nike clothing simply because they believe that the materials are higher quality than that of Primark – but they do buy it because of the culture and popularity surrounding the brand.

Often with furniture, there can be little difference in aesthetics between budget and luxury, the price difference is often established due to the different materials that have been used Therefore by creating a culture and a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect around your range of products, it instantly demonstrates to a customer why your product is worth the amount it is. 

One of the most successful Influencer Marketing campaigns in recent years was of course that of Beats Headphones. In truth, the specs on these headphones are not too dissimilar to that of BOSE or Sennheiser, yet the marketing angle of making the Beats Headphones cult symbols among the music and sporting communities is exactly what led to the products success. 

When considering that The Digital Marketing Institute recently found that around 49% of consumers will rely on influencer recommendations when considering whether or not to purchase, there is a clear message to businesses that they should be gearing up to use this tactic going forward.

Prioritising You Luxury Furniture Products

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In the luxury furniture sector it is common for both manufacturers and retailers to be offering extensive ranges of different products, from coffee and dining tables to bedroom furniture and wardrobes. 

This means that products should be prioritised according to what your business wants/needs to sell the most of. Yes, a diverse range of products is good but when considering the earlier point about creating a seamless customer journey, the last thing you want to happen is to have an engaged user leave the website because they can’t be bothered to scroll through 100s of different products.

A go to strategy here is to look at different landing page or collection page options for your businesses website. Landing pages are one of the best ways to increase traffic and ensure that visitors are genuinely interested in what your company has to offer, therefore implementing this strategy ticks both boxes of organisation and optimisation on the website.

Take for example this luxury furniture manufacturer The Riven Oak, their website has been well optimised to include landing/service pages for each of the different types of furniture that they create. From live edge and gaming tables to fitted furniture – the site clearly demonstrates it’s products and sales journey in a way that prioritises the areas that they want to focus on within their industry.

Trying to hit every niche in one go can often be a bad idea, especially for smaller businesses. Often, consumers will find this less trusting for a small business to be doing as it gives the impression that they are unable to specialise and haven’t correctly prioritised their best products to sell. 

To find out more about which marketing techniques will help make your business more successful, get in touch with a member of our team and we can discuss the best strategy for you going forward!

Let’s Market Your Luxury Furniture! 


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