Monday Morning Coffee Reading: Assured Marketing Directors To Take Part In Digital Knowledge Exchange Digital Mentoring

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The directors of Assured Marketing will be taking part in a virtual mentoring day for The Digital Knowledge Exchange in West Yorkshire.

Connor Hewson & Jack Story, the directors of Assured Marketing will be delivering personalised mentoring sessions to small business owners from West Yorkshire in an upcoming Digital Mentoring Event being run by the Digital Knowledge Exchange.

Running 1 hour long 1-1 mentoring sessions completely free of charge our directors are hoping to help improve the knowledge of SME owners in and around West Yorkshire by sharing their expertise of Marketing with them.

Connor & Jack will be tailoring sessions into 3 specialist subject areas of marketing for these sessions. The first of which will be Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) detailing the steps you can take to improve your websites ranking on Google allowing you to attract more visitors and customers to your website. The second will be aimed at providing advice on the use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool. How business owners can use these platforms to increase brand awareness, and even allow customers to easily purchase/enquire directly from the platforms. Finally, there will be sessions dedicated to honing a Marketing Strategy for a business, how to avoid  wasting time on non-profitable channels and how to maximise return on investment in successful channels. 

Advertisement showing Assured Marketing Directors; Connor Hewson & Jack Story offering Free Mentoring as part of the digital knowledge exchange virtual mentoring day in April

With experience of working on national marketing campaigns for some of the largest UK companies, this event is the perfect opportunity for our directors to follow the ethos of Assured Marketing. Delivering high quality marketing support  to small business owners who need it most.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This focus will help businesses understand the complex process of attaining a high ranking on search engines such as Google. With free access to the in-depth knowledge and experience of our directors, SME owners will be able to better understand the best practices in things like content optimisation, strategic link building and keyword research. These areas will help cover the basics of SEO for attendees.

Social Media Marketing. This will help business owners tap into the immense reach and power that social media platforms have in terms of increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to the website and engaging with existing/potential customers on a much more personal level. 

Marketing Strategy. Something that all small business owners are guilty of is; trying to juggle 10,000 different avenues for their businesses marketing at once. With a clear mind and experience of planning national marketing campaigns out ream will help to guide SME owners onto a path where they can identify the best paths to success in growing their business.

These sessions are being provided free of charge to small businesses in West Yorkshire by The Digital Knowledge Exchange program being run locally. With the aim of supporting small firms to gain digital understanding in order to further their business. They hope that as a result the local businesses will become better aware of how they can use these channels for growth. Matching attendees with suitable mentors the goal is to help share knowledge between professionals for the benefit of the region. 

Also attending these sessions will be mentors covering a wide range of digital specialties to help local businesses. With some of these excellent mentors, the areas covered will be certain to help multiple SMEs with their uncertainties on all things digital. At Assured Marketing we are proud to be part of the programme and are glad to be offered the opportunity to help SMEs in West Yorkshire with expanding their digital knowledge. 


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